Friday, 24 February 2017

                   Swimming Sports
Thursday 23 of February at 12.30 pm, Mahana  school 
went to upper Moutere school to compete against 
them, and other schools in swimming sports.
It was my turn to step up for the A grade freestyle
I leap into the pool I feel the the bubbles flying 
off my skin as I shoot through the water.
Image result for person swimming through the water


  1. Hey Gabriel
    I am pleased that you posted this blogpost from home. Good for you!
    Just check your capital letters chap, and you might need one more fullstop in the last bit.
    Also, when you make a blogpost, put the title in to the box at the top where it says 'Post Title'. Overall though, I am impressed that you posted this to your blog. Ka pai!

  2. Hi Gabriel

    You are lucky to do swimming sport competition. Do you take swimming lessons because I did when I was five years old and it was pretty fun. Today I am a good swimmer. Did you win the competition ?

    Bye have a nice day

  3. Dear Gabi,
    I really like how detailed and interesting it was.
    Did you enjoy the swimming sports that day?
    Well Done