Sunday, 3 September 2017

swing of chang

In the dusty barber shop harry the hair cutter with a snappy waistcoat and a bowtie sharpened his razor on the strop. Strolling over to his best customer the gramophone stops.He leans in to have a look”I will fix it gary said. Harry holds the old dusty record and glers out the window.Kerfily Harry organised his scissors in a neat military line.A Second later the sweet funky jazz music starts to play.Harry looks out the window It's a black man Playing a Golden Trumpet.What are you doing said Harry as he swings his razor Angrily at the Blackman.Give me that Harry said as  he  plucked the trumpet out of the man's hands.Harry swings bag around the man is Gone He has vanished into thin air. that  solved  my problem harry said as he walked inside. Bang went the trumpet as Harry dropped it on the table.I hate black people Harry said as he walked over to his tall black chair.He brushes the dust off his legs Tick tock tick tock went the great grandfather clock.Harry Glares out the window any minute now Harry said to himself.He turns his head to the old picture of him and says what will I do with the trumpet.I haven't played a trumpet in ages harry said as he swiped the pale white cloth along the ear hole at the polished Trumpet.He marches back and forth as he plays a horrendous military song.All of a sudden trumpet started to play as all by itself in his arms.Harry slams the trumpet on the table it slides left it slides right he let's go.Tick tock went the clock as Harry scarcely moved around the shop.It must be my imagination a trumpet can't play all by itself. He grabs the trumpet he plays the horrendous military song again
All of a sudden the trumpet started to play itself right out of harry's arms he yanked it back the trumpet started to play a military marching song harry played the exact song but in a higher tune.all of a sudden they started to play jazz.As harry and the old polished trumpet play jazz as they dance side to side all around the shop.On and on They play until it all stops. bang goes the trumpet as harry drops it on the floor   Everything slows down harry steers at the mirror in fright it's my reflection but it’s not. The image in the mirror is Harry but black

.Click goes the light as Harry pulls the string.’’It Can't be real’’,harry said as he slides his hands around his face.Knock knock ’’who's there’’,harry said.’’It's me gary i have fixed your gramophone good.The very next morning harry changed  he started to let black people in his barber shop that very day harry changed and for the rest of his life he respected black people.THE END

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